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The Play Pen

Where Angsty Bunnies Wreck Havoc

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Torchwood is my main fandom and I ship Jack/Ianto. Most of my writing focuses on them but I am planning on exploring some of my other favorite characters like Tosh, Owen, Alice, and Emily. I also love Doctor Who (especially 10th Doctor) and sometimes the characters crossover into my TW stories.

Recently I also became obsessed with Alexander/Hephaestion and Alexander/Bagoas (i.e., Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king from the movie Alexander and more importantly books by Mary Renault, "Fire from Heaven" and "The Persian Boy"). I am hoping to start writing for that fandom as well.

In regards to Firefly, I love the pairing of Inara/Kaylee. I've started to write some drabbles but hope to expand into femslash with them.

I also like other fandoms and read fics but don't write for any of them. I like Sherlock, Stargate (SG-1 and SGA), Buffy/Angel, Star Trek, Brothers and Sisters, Warehouse 13, White Collar, Queer as Folk, and Sanctuary.

For purposes of joining adult only cmmunities, yes I am over 18 (by more than I'd like to admit). And I do write a ton of smut :)

alexander the great, alien mind-reading girlfriends, alien sex gas, ancient greece, aristotle, atheism, athens, babylon, bagoas, beautiful welsh vowels, bisexuality, blowfish driving sportscar, braces, brain transplants, bringing employees back-from death, captains, cardiff, coffee, creative cpr, cute suits, cyber-girlfriends, daleks, death by orgasms, death by torchwood, eunuchs, eye rolls, eye-candy, eyebrows, gas masks, greatcoats, gun play, hands in a jar, hephaestion, hephaistion, hyper vodkas, ianguish, ianto jones, immortal captains, jones ianto jones, macedon, macedonia, mary renault, naked hide and seek, no shoes, office kinks, opera, paradoxes, partners in every way, persia, photocopying your butt, pointed ears, psychotic ex-boyfriends, pteranodons, pterodactyls, radu marian, red shirts, regenerations, resurecting co-workers, resurecting in ianto's arms, retcon, rooftops, slave boys, sploe, still not ginger, stopwatches, suits, tardis, tentacles, time agents, timey wimey, vegetarianism, weevils named janet, wwii, year that never was